Resurrection (2022)

Directed by Andrew Semans

Drama | Horror | Thriller

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A woman’s carefully constructed life is upended when an unwelcome shadow from her past returns, forcing her to confront the monster she’s evaded for two decades.

Length 103 minutes


Rebecca Hall | Tim Roth | Grace Kaufman | Michael Esper | Angela Carbone | Winsome Brown | Josh Drennen | Rosemary Howard | Jaime Zevallos | Patrick Klein | Bradley Lewis | Rocco Palmieri | Oliver Comstock Reynolds | Zarra Kaahn | Jackson Finnegan | Owen Johnson

Viewing Notes

I really liked this a lot. Great performance by Rebecca Hall, once again. The supporting cast is equally up to the task. I especially liked Grace Kaufman’s performance as Hall’s daughter. It doesn’t hurt that she looks like she could be Hall’s daughter.


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