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Raw Nerve (1991)

Directed by David A. Prior

Thriller | Mystery | Drama

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A race car driver has visions of the victims of a serial killer before their demise and tries to get a skeptic police detective and an ambitious reporter to help him find the killer.

Rated R | Length 91 minutes


Glenn Ford | Sandahl Bergman | Randall 'Tex' Cobb | Ted Prior | Traci Lords | Jan-Michael Vincent | Red West | Graham Timbes | Jerry Douglas Simms | Yvonne Stancil | Doris Hearn | Donna Willard | Tracy Britton

Viewing Notes

Calling this a thriller is like calling my dead grandmother vibrant. Traci Lords actually looks great in this and she and Bergman probably turn in the best acting performances. Vincent and Ford seem to be propped up by bitter memories and painkillers throughout the affair.

And honestly, the second you see Tex Cobb’s face on screen it’s like a big red arrow that says “I’m the killer!” which is both a red herring and the most painfully obvious setup in a movie I’ve seen in a long time.

But let’s not forget the very low speed racetrack race either! So much excitement!


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