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Seen on: 08/28/2022

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Woochi: The Demon Slayer (2009)

Directed by Choi Dong-hoon

Fantasy | Action | Adventure

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Spanning four centuries in Korea, this epic action-adventure concerns a powerful pipe and a trio of wizards who will do anything to protect it.

Length 136 minutes


Kang Dong-won | Kim Yoon-seok | Im Soo-jung | Yoo Hae-jin | Young-chang Song | Ju Jin-mo | Kim Sang-ho | Sun Woo-sun | Gong Jeong-hwan | Baek Yoon-sik | Yum Jung-ah | Kim Hyo-jin | Kwon Tae-won | Yeon-su Seo | Park Min-gyu | Ji-hyeok Min | Yeong-jin Sin | Jong-gu Yun | Hyeon-woo Son | No Seung-beom | Baek Do-bin | Jeong In-gi | Lee Yong-nyeo | Park Sung-hun | Kim Seo-hyeon

Viewing Notes

A fun Korean fantasy film with some romance and plenty of action.


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