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cathode cinema new york city slums gang murder trapped assault sexual assault rape grindhouse

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Seen on: 09/16/2022

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Tenement (1985)

Directed by Roberta Findlay

Action | Crime | Thriller

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A drug-dealing band of violent street thugs terrorize the tenants of a South Bronx apartment building.

Length 94 minutes


Joe Lynn | Mina Bern | Walter Bryant | Corinne Chateau | Angel David | Martha De La Cruz | Rhetta Hughes | Larry Lara | Alfonso Manosalvas | Jaime Roman | Olivia Ward | Jorge Baqueiro | Sylvia Medina | Chyann P. Robertson | Enrique Sandino | Manuel Cotto | Paul Calderon | Nick Iacovino | Joe Montefusco | Karen Russell | Dan Snow | Gy Mirano


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