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Seen on: 09/17/2022

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Gob A Goo (1995)

Ephemeral | Experimental | Documentary

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The 8mm videocassette lost footage contained in this VHS tape you are about to see was found disposed of in a Utah county thrift store dumpster. It is a true reality account of the bizarre pizza party which befell a group of 3 friends. They could not have expected nor would they have wished to see as much of the strange and surreal in their party host as they would see that day.  For them an idyllic party invitation became a totally bizarre outing. The events of that 1995 day would later be revealed with the discovery of one of the most bizarre pizza parties video footage in the annals of American history.

Length 52 minutes


Viewing Notes

An utterly odd found footage tape. Not good but fascinating nonetheless. I airplayed Cathode TV to the upstairs television.


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