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Expect No Mercy (1995)

Directed by Zale Dalen

Action | Science Fiction

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Federal Service Agent Justin Vanier has been assigned to infiltrate the mysterious Virtual Arts Academy in search of Eric, a fellow agent. In this high-tech facility, the maniacal leader Warbeck is training assassins to become even more efficient killing machines using virtual reality. Penetrating the organization as a new recruit, Justin finds Eric, and together with the idealistic Vicki must bring down Warbeck before he succeeds with his deadly plans

Rated R | Length 91 minutes


Billy Blanks | Jalal Merhi | Wolf Larson | Laurie Holden | Anthony De Longis | Michael Blanks | Réal Andrews | Sam Moses | Jefferson Mappin | Géza Kovács | Richard Fitzpatrick | Brett Halsey | Lazar Rockwood | Tania Gort

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Laurie Holden is in this!


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