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The Shaolin Kids (1975)

Directed by Joseph Kuo

Action | Drama

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Lui is a powerful ex-minister who opposes the ambitious premier Hu Wei Yen. Lui is assassinated, so his daughter Lui Sin and an assorted band of people loyal to the emperor seeks revenge and justice. The premier made a mistake - he allowed a scroll of battle orders to fall into loyalist hands. Lui and Co learn this, and vow to take this proof of treason to the emperor. But, though the loyalists have Shaolin on their side, the premier has two renegade shaolin, who say “Earth and Sky”, which makes them invincible, as well as golden pills, which restore their health if badly wounded. And, naturally, there are loads of old men who stroke their long white beards whilst nodding their heads.

Length 90 minutes


Carter Wong | Polly Shang-Kuan Ling-Feng | Yuan Yi | Chin Kang | Tien Peng | Chueng Yeh | Nan Chieng | Hslang-Ting Ko | Shen Yuen | Chiu Chen | Chang Feng | Pao-Shan Chang | Chang Yi | Yi-fei Chang | Kai Chia | Chien Chin | Hu Kuang | Fei Lung Huang

Viewing Notes

Starts off strong but the plot gets needlessly muddled along the way to a tepid conclusion. There’s some fun martial arts action along the way though.


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