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Seen on: 05/31/2012

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Against the Dark (2009)

Directed by Richard Crudo

Action | Horror | Science Fiction

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When most of the population of Earth is infected by a virus and transformed into flesh eaters and blood drinking creatures, a group of hunters lead by Tao and his sword chase the vampire zombies to eliminate them. Six non-infected survivors try to find the exit of an abandoned hospital crowded of the infected creatures. Meanwhile, the military is ready to bomb the whole area.

Rated R | Length 94 minutes


Steven Seagal | Linden Ashby | Skye Bennett | Daniel Percival | Claudiu BleonĊ£ | Keith David | Jenna Harrison | Danny Midwinter | Emma Catherwood | Stephen Hagan | Tanoai Reed | Meda Andreea Victor | Clay Donahue Fontenot | Dian Hristov | Florian Ciprian | Stephen Haynes | Andreea Ungureanu | Tania Dobre | Mihaela Constantin

Viewing Notes

Steven Seagal has really declined to the level of not doing any real stunt work/physical hand-to-hand combat stuff anymore. Not sure why that is, but it’s too bad, because Against the Dark could have really used some Seagal ass-kicking in it.

To be fair, he does do some ass-kicking, but it’s all with bladed weapons and the cinematography on those scenes leaves something to be desired. It wasn’t terrible, but wasn’t terribly good either.

Despite the worn down premise and the mostly singular location (a hospital), there were a few interesting moments (one in particular, involving a broken beer bottle and a grenade, was pretty damn inventive and cool) that kept me from dozing off. Still, I can’t say I recommend anyone seek this out and watch it.


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