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The Ides of March (2011)

Directed by George Clooney


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Dirty tricks stand to soil an ambitious young press spokesman’s idealism in a cutthroat presidential campaign where ‘victory’ is relative.

Rated R | Length 101 minutes


Philip Seymour Hoffman | George Clooney | Jeffrey Wright | Max Minghella | Marisa Tomei | Paul Giamatti | Gregory Itzin | Rohn Thomas | Ryan Gosling | Evan Rachel Wood | Jennifer Ehle | Chris Matthews | Charlie Rose | Loretta Higgins | Michael Mantell | Amy Keys | Danny Mooney | Yuriy Sardarov | Carmen Carter | Rachel Maddow | Alvin Chea | Lori Perry | Lamont Van Hook | David McConnell | Bella Ivory | Maya Sayre | Robert Mervak | Robert Braun | Nita Whitaker | Michael Ellison | Tiffany Sander McKenzie | Frank Jones Jr. | Josef Powell | John Manfredi | Fabio Polanco | Peter Harpen | Mark Stacey White | Lauren Wainwright | Kris Reilly | Hayley Meyers | Leslie McCurdy | Deb Dixon | Neal Anthony Rubin | Joe Dinda | John Repulski | Cherie Bowman | Chyla Anderson | Maxi Anderson | Nelson Beato | Johnny Britt | Christopher Carter | Carmel Echols | Clydene Jackson | John West | Will Wheaton

Viewing Notes

Cynical and depressing, The Ides of March draws you in and then holds you, tense, on the edge of your seat. An excellent political drama that somehow manages to surprise you even though you think you know what’s coming and where it’s headed.

A great directorial effort by Clooney and another superb performance by Gosling.


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