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Rating: 8 stars


NWI Italian murder giallo

Seen 2 times

Seen on: 02/22/2020, 08/14/2012

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The Cat o' Nine Tails (1971)

Directed by Dario Argento

Horror | Mystery | Thriller

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A reporter and a blind retired journalist try to solve a series of murders. The crimes are connected to experiments by a pharmaceutical company in secret research. The two end up becoming targets of the killer.

Length 112 minutes


Rada Rassimov | Karl Malden | James Franciscus | Horst Frank | Carlo Alighiero | Umberto Raho | Vittorio Congia | Pier Paolo Capponi | Werner Pochath | Tom Felleghy | Gennarino Pappagalli | Cinzia De Carolis | Catherine Spaak | Jacques Stany | Fulvio Mingozzi | Giovanni Di Benedetto | Margherita Horowitz | Marie Louise Sinclair | Ada Pometti | Corrado Olmi | Stefano Oppedisano | Tino Carraro | Ugo Fangareggi | Aldo Reggiani | Emilio Marchesini | Pino Patti | Sascha Helwin | Franco Ukmar | Aristide Caporale | Ettore Arena | Martial Boschero | Giuseppe Marrocco | Walter Pinelli | Aldo Parenti

Viewing Notes

First time watching this Argento giallo. I was impressed. Franciscus and Malden are great in this! Morricone’s score is excellent as well.


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