Oscar Nominated Short Films 2017

Just like last year I decide to catch all the nominated short films in one sitting at AMC. This time had to venture out to S.Barrington since only 2 AMC theaters in Chicago were doing the short films this year. That sucks.

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Movies logged during Oscar Nominated Short Films 2017
TitleDirector(s)Viewed On
AsteriaJean-Charles Lusseau, Thomas Lemaille, Tristan Lamarca, Lola Grand, Mathieu Blanchys, Alexandre Arpentinier02/12/2017
Blind VayshaTheodore Ushev02/12/2017
Borrowed TimeLou Hamou-Lhadj, Andrew Coats02/12/2017
Enemies WithinSelim Azzazi02/12/2017
The Head VanishesFranck Dion02/12/2017
Once Upon a LineAlicja Jasina02/12/2017
Pear Cider and CigarettesRobert Valley02/12/2017
PearlPatrick Osborne02/12/2017
PiperAlan Barillaro02/12/2017
The Railroad LadyTimo von Gunten02/12/2017