Juggernaut Film Festival 2017

The 5th Annual Juggernaut Film Festival will be held on March 4th, from Noon - 6:30pm.

This one-day event celebrates Science Fiction and Fantasy short films from around the world. It is presented by Chicago’s Otherworld Theatre Company, whose mission is to further explore and promote the Sci-Fi/Fantasy genre.

The festival prides itself for bringing together the community- from cinema enthusiasts, filmmakers,artists, and casual movie-goers alike- to encourage and support these new and innovative stories in the cinematic arts.

This lively event will be held in Chicago’s historic Music Box Theatre. It’s stunning art deco architecture, large audience capacity (800+), and swanky lounge, serves as the perfect backdrop for filmmakers and viewers to socialize and enjoy a fun day of Sci-Fi & Fantasy films.

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Movies logged during Juggernaut Film Festival 2017
TitleDirector(s)Viewed On
AppellationTracy Mathewson03/04/2017
Beautiful DreamerDavid Gaddie03/04/2017
BridgebuildersAlan Dembek, Jordan Blazak03/04/2017
The BulleteersKyle William Roberts03/04/2017
CharmingTom Albanese03/04/2017
The Greater EvilWilliam R. Coughlan03/04/2017
Illegal AliensKristin Schaack, Justin Schaack03/04/2017
Kubler RossXavier Pijuan Sala03/04/2017
Litter BuggAmber Jo Weedon03/04/2017
MightEmil Sallinen03/04/2017