Juggernaut Film Festival 2018

6th Annual Juggernaut Film Festival is a weekend event celebrating Science Fiction and Fantasy films from around the world. It’s presented by Chicago’s Otherworld Theatre Company, whose mission is to further explore and promote the Sci-Fi/Fantasy genre.

The festival prides itself for bringing together the community- from cinema enthusiasts, filmmakers,artists, and casual movie-goers alike- to encourage and support these new and innovative stories in the cinematic arts.

The host this year is Gates McFadden, Dr. Beverly Crusher!!

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Movies logged during Juggernaut Film Festival 2018
TitleDirector(s)Viewed On
Adam PeiperMónica Mateo06/03/2018
BioMassLarry McKee06/02/2018
BreakerPhilippe McKie06/02/2018
The BreathYağmur Kartal06/02/2018
CalliopeJoe Shaffer06/03/2018
A Crimson ManMike Pappa06/03/2018
Daisy BelleWilliam Wall06/03/2018
DandelionChance White06/03/2018
Earth to IsaacJack Birdsall06/03/2018
Echo and SolomonJem Garrard06/02/2018