Fantastic Fest 2018

My 9th Fantastic Fest in a row. Wasn’t even planning on going this year but a few Austin friends persuaded me to attend. Lineup is great.

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Movies logged during Fantastic Fest 2018
TitleDirector(s)Viewed On
Albatross SoupWinnie Cheung09/22/2018
The AngelLuis Ortega09/20/2018
Ban Geum-ryunKim Ki-young09/27/2018
Blood LakeTim Boggs09/23/2018
The Blood of WolvesKazuya Shiraishi09/25/2018
The BoatWinston Azzopardi09/22/2018
BorderAli Abbasi09/25/2018
ClimaxGaspar Noé09/24/2018
DachraAbdelhamid Bouchnak09/21/2018
Dial Code Santa ClausRené Manzor09/23/2018