Top Box Office of 1968

NOTE: This list is not complete just yet! Still crosschecking a few sites. Have around 20 more titles to add!

Something I’ve been wanting to do for a while: have a movie project for the films released the year I was born. Figure I’d start with the most popular / top grossing films from the year and work my way down (doesn’t necessarily mean they were released in 1968 i.e. The Graduate or The Producers, which had an early screening in 1967 before its official release in 1968).

This list just contains the top grossing films in order they were released. My event, Year of the Monkey ‘68, will document all films I view from 1968 starting with LADY IN CEMENT.

Fun fact: BULLITT had the highest weekend debut of 1968.

Fun Fact: ROMEO AND JULIET has the #6 box office gross for 1968 yet was never #1 for any week.

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Movies on Top Box Office of 1968 List
RankTitleDirector(s)Year ReleasedWatchedViewed On
1The GraduateMike Nichols1967NoN/A
2Danger: DiabolikMario Bava1968NoN/A
3Django, Prepare a CoffinFerdinando Baldi1968NoN/A
4SebastianDavid Greene1968NoN/A
5FirecreekVincent McEveety1968NoN/A
6The Secret War of Harry FriggJack Smight1968NoN/A
7The FoxMark Rydell1967NoN/A
8Blackbeard's GhostRobert Stevenson1968NoN/A
9Planet of the ApesFranklin J. Schaffner1968Yes07/09/2011
10KuronekoKaneto Shindô1968NoN/A