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New Beverly Cinema July 2019 Calendar
Leading up to the release of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Quentin Tarantino programmed a special month of films centered around the time that OUATIH takes place. Special emphasis on films that would’ve starred an actor like Rick Dalton as well as “it girl” films. QT went into great detail about his choices on the Pure Cinema Podcast (an incredible listen) and this is the type of programming that made me wish I could just visit LA for the month. Most of these if not all have not had a rep screening in Chicago since I’ve been logging films. These are listed in the order of screening date capped off by OUATIH, which concludes the month.

Creating this list as a checklist of films to watch prior to the home video release of QT’s film. Added 4 extra films that were featured in OUATIH (playing in cinemas around Los Angeles) that seemed appropriate for this list. This seemed like a fun project after listening to Quentin discuss each of these on the PCP episode. After watching OUATIH I really would like to view all these films.

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Movies on Once Upon a Time... List
RankTitleDirector(s)Year ReleasedWatchedViewed On
1The Sterile CuckooAlan J. Pakula1969Yes08/01/2019
2Three in the AtticRichard Wilson1968NoN/A
3The Police ConnectionBert I. Gordon1973NoN/A
4Moving TargetSergio Corbucci1967NoN/A
5The HappeningElliot Silverstein1967NoN/A
6Land RaidersNathan H. Juran1969NoN/A
7Fantastic VoyageRichard Fleischer1966Yes04/28/2013
8100 RiflesTom Gries1969Yes01/29/2012
9Getting StraightRichard Rush1970NoN/A
10Murderers' RowHenry Levin1966NoN/A