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NWI Japan yakuza

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Seen on: 10/13/2009

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Afraid To Die (1960)

Directed by Yasuzô Masumura

Crime | Drama

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On his release from prison a young yakuza, along with his brother, decides to turn his back on criminal life instead of taking over the position of his recently deceased father, boss of the Asahina clan. But their exit proves more difficult than planned when their rival clan steps in to exact revenge.

Length 96 minutes


Takashi Shimura | Shigeru Kôyama | Eiji Funakoshi | Ayako Wakao | Reisaburô Yamamoto | Ken Mitsuda | Yukio Mishima | Mantarô Ushio | Jun Negami | Keizô Kawasaki | Michiko Ono | Mayumi Kurata | Yoshie Mizutani

Viewing Notes

Thoroughly enjoyed Yasuzo Masumura’s Japanese New Wave Cinema 1960 classic Afraid to Die. The story of him and lead Yukio Mishima is even more fascinating. Now want to see more of their work.


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