Dead of Night: A Darkness at Blaisedon (1969)

Directed by Lela Swift

Horror | Supernatural | Drama


Investigator Jonathon Fletcher and his assistant Sajeed Rau investigate an apparently haunted mansion at the request of the woman who has inherited it.

Length 52 minutes


Marj Dusay | Thayer David | Cal Bellini | Kerwin Mathews | Louis Edmonds | Ingrid Helmke

Viewing History (seen 1 time)

Date ViewedDeviceFormatSourceRating
12/21/2012TVDVDRented6 stars

Viewing Notes

Didn’t realize this film was on the Dead of Night DVD I got from Netflix. Nice bonus. Written by Dan Curtis. Tidy little ghost house mystery made for TV. Not bad. I like Marj Dusay a lot here.


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