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Seen on: 01/06/2013

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The Adventures of Mark Twain (1985)

Directed by Will Vinton

Animation | Adventure | Family

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Based on elements from the stories of Mark Twain, this feature-length Claymation fantasy follows the adventures of Tom Sawyer, Becky Thatcher and Huck Finn as they stowaway aboard the interplanetary balloon of Mark Twain. Twain, disgusted with the human race, is intent upon finding Halley’s Comet and crashing into it, achieving his “destiny.” It’s up to Tom, Becky, and Huck to convince him that his judgment is wrong and that he still has much to offer humanity that might make a difference. Their efforts aren’t just charitable; if they fail, they will share Twain’s fate. Along the way, they use a magical time portal to get a detailed overview of the Twain philosophy, observing the “historical” events that inspired his works.

Length 86 minutes


James Whitmore | Dal McKennon | Michele Mariana | Chris Ritchie | Gary Krug | Wilbur Vincent | Carol Edelman | John Morrison

Viewing Notes

Glad to follow the tweeps that tweeted this was recently added to Instawatch. Such a weird and bizarre little claymation flick. Can’t even describe its weirdness. I think I would be in love with this had I seen this as a child. Probably great while on hallucinogens to enhance the experience. Crazy flick and one to watch.


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