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Seen on: 07/28/2011

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Mutiny in Outer Space (1965)

Directed by Hugo Grimaldi

Science Fiction | Adventure | Thriller

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An expedition to the lunar ice caves contracts a deadly moon-fungus. Stopping en route they contaminate a space station with the fungus, which soon begins to take over the entire place.

Length 80 minutes


William Leslie | Glenn Langan | Francine York | Richard Garland | James Dobson | Harold Lloyd Jr. | Ron Stokes | Dolores Faith | Boyd Holister | Carl Crow | Pamela Curran | Gabriel Curtiz | H. Kay Stephens | Joel Smith | Robert Nash

Viewing Notes

Totally dig this sci-fi thriller. The green fungus is hilarious. Just a fun yet silly film that approaches the material seriously. Big fan of these flicks and Dolores Faith is a hottie in space. Viewed during my flight out west.


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