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Seen on: 08/18/2011

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The Philadelphia Story (1940)

Directed by George Cukor

Comedy | Romance

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Philadelphia heiress Tracy Lord throws out her playboy husband C.K. Dexter Haven shortly after their marriage. Two years later, Tracy is about to marry respectable George Kittredge whilst Dexter has been working for “Spy” magazine. Dexter arrives at the Lord mansion the day before the wedding with journalist Mike Connor and photographer Liz Imbrie, determined to spoil things.

Rated NR | Length 112 minutes


Mildred Shay | Helene Reynolds | Hilda Plowright | Lee Phelps | Florine McKinney | Eric Mayne | Claude King | Dorothy Fay | Robert De Bruce | David Clyde | Russ Clark | Lita Chevret | John Howard | Henry Daniell | Rex Evans | Veda Buckland | Hillary Brooke | King Baggot | Lionel Pape | Roland Young | John Halliday | Mary Nash | Virginia Weidler | Ruth Hussey | James Stewart | Cary Grant | Katharine Hepburn | Joseph Sweeney

Viewing Notes

Catching up w/more blindspots. Really like the characters but not crazy about story so much. Still a fun watch.


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