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Seen on: 11/08/2011

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Bowery at Midnight (1942)

Directed by Wallace Fox

Crime | Thriller | Horror

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Soup kitchen operator and criminologist Bela Lugosi operates a soup kitchen as a front for a criminal gang who commit a series of robberies and murders.

Rated NR | Length 61 minutes


Bela Lugosi | J. Farrell MacDonald | Vince Barnett | Bernard Gorcey | Lew Kelly | John Archer | 'Snub' Pollard | Tom Neal | John Berkes | Eddie Kane | Ray Miller | Wanda McKay | George Eldredge | Wheeler Oakman | Ralph Littlefield | Dave O'Brien | Anna Hope | Lucille Vance | Pat Costello | Eddie Hall | Bob Reeves | Bobby Stone

Viewing Notes

This little flick deserves more credit than its IMDb rating would suggest. Lugosi is a professor by day and runs a soup kitchen at night in order to recruit bums to do his evil bidding after he transforms them into criminals. Once they’ve done the crime he turns them into mindless creatures and stores them in his basement. Seriously. Cool flick.


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