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Seen on: 07/10/2010

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Five Graves to Cairo (1943)

Directed by Billy Wilder

War | Suspense


The British Army, retreating ahead of victorious Rommel, leaves a lone survivor on the Egyptian border who finds refuge at a remote desert hotel. He is helped by the hotel’s owner, despite protest from the French chambermaid, afraid of the imminent arrival of Rommel and the Germans. John assumes the identity of the recently deceased waiter to survive.

Length 96 minutes


Miles Mander | Ian Keith | Art Gilmore | Hans Moebus | Frederick Giermann | Otto Reichow | Bud Geary | Leslie Denison | Roger Creed | Philip Ahlm | Fortunio Bonanova | Erich von Stroheim | Peter van Eyck | Akim Tamiroff | Fred Nurney | Anne Baxter | Franchot Tone | Konstantin Shayne

Viewing Notes

Finished up Five Graves to Cairo (1943) thanks to TCM & my DVR. This is Billy Wilder’s second major feature film and he really shows the signs of brilliance. The story revolves a British soldier who becomes a reluctant spy disguised as a waiter at desert inn in Egypt currently housing Rommel & his German soldiers. Film offers plenty of suspense as well Erich von Stroheim as Rommel. Solid.


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