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Rating: 7.5 stars


Hong Kong motorcycles heist car chase

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Seen on: 07/09/2013

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A Moment of Romance (1990)

Directed by Benny Chan

Crime | Drama | Romance

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During a bank heist, getaway driver Wah takes a young woman Jo Jo hostage. After preventing his accomplices from killing her, they begin a forbidden relationship that causes mayhem and chaos for their friends and family.

Length 92 minutes


Andy Lau | Jacklyn Wu | Ng Man-Tat | Lau Kong | Tommy Wong | Sandra Lang | Anna Ng Yuen-Yee | Bonnie Wong | Shan Liang

Viewing Notes

I bumped this in my queue after it was referenced a few times times in Johnnie To’s Needing You… so I wanted to see how it related (not surprisingly To was a producer on this film). Also that that it was funny they referenced this film since Andy Lau stars in both. Yet here he is a skilled on a bike and in Needing You… he is not.

This movie is so 1990 HK action crime romance. And I love it for that. Andy Lau’s hair. Andy Lau’s jean jacket. Andy Lau’s high top white Reeboks. The romance is so misguided but so fairytale like. Sometimes it’s corny but it’s the core of the film between the gang violence. Easy to see why this was popular with audiences at the time.


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