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Seen on: 12/11/2010

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7 Lucky Ninja Kids (1987)

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Action | Comedy

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A gang of local hoods are after this diamond and will stop at nothing to get their hands on this prized possession. With bad guys everywhere and danger lurking around the corner, these Kung-Fu kids pul out their bag of martial arts tricks. Flying through the air with kicks and punches, nunchaku, long sticks, swords and other martial arts weaponry, the bad guys don’t stand a chance. Kids will love this awesome skateboard riding, pizza eating group of mini-Ninjas!

Length 90 minutes


Tien Hsiang Lung | Sihung Lung | Kuang-jin Lin | Kai-wen Lin | Hung Kuan | Yan Tseng-Kuo | Tso Shiao-Hu | Chung Jung Chen | Paul Chang | Mieng Fang | Kuan-Hsiung Huang | Cheng-lin Huang

Viewing Notes

Sixth movie at BTSNAT2! Time for the pre-programmed film, the sequel to last year’s Lucky Seven, which everyone loved so much (and I still have yet to view). Lucky Seven 2 or also known as Magnificent 7 Kung-Fu Kids (1989) came in with high expectations but sadly (apparently) didn’t live up to its predecessor. Still enjoyable for what it is; a group of seven kids trained in kung-fu assembled to stop an evil army. Had some cool moments but not enough of them. Still a good watch with the group.


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