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Seen on: 10/03/2013

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...All the Marbles (1981)

Directed by Robert Aldrich

Sports | Drama | Road Movie

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A two-bit promoter tries to take a women’s wrestling team to the top.

Length 113 minutes


Clyde Kusatsu | Peter Falk | Burt Young | Tracy Reed | Vicki Frederick | Angela Aames | Richard Jaeckel | Charlie Dell | Don Brodie | Laurene Landon | John Hancock | Mike Mazurki | Brinke Stevens | Jonathan Terry | Cliff Emmich | Joe Greene | Susan Barnes | Claudette Nevins | Ursaline Bryant | Lenny Montana | William J. Kulzer | Gloria Hayes | Susan Mechsner

Viewing Notes

Had this on my DVR for a long time (since it last aired on TCM Underground). It’s a decent road trip flick w/the tag team wrestlers traveling from city to city. Good interactions between Falk and the women. But the final match is really what makes this a must-see. Incredible rematch for the women and smarmy Burt Young who has fixed the match. If they really did these 30 minute matches then that is amazing.

The movie is overly long but it pays off with that finale which is nearly 30 minutes of the movie (the length of the match).


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