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Eyes in the Night (1942)

Directed by Fred Zinnemann

Crime | Mystery

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Duncan Maclain is a blind detective who tries to outwit Nazi spies and solve a murder.

Rated NR | Length 80 minutes


Stanley Ridges | Marie Windsor | Reginald Denny | Barry Nelson | Donna Reed | Allen Jenkins | Edward Arnold | Rosemary DeCamp | Steven Geray | John Emery | Stephen McNally | Reginald Sheffield | Milburn Stone | Mantan Moreland | Ann Harding | Katherine Emery | Ivan Miller | Erik Rolf | Friday | John Butler | G. Raymond Nye | Frank M. Thomas | Edward Kilroy

Viewing Notes

This is really just a brilliant film featuring a blind private dick with a super cool german shepherd. Love this film! Very clever and funny to see this detective work his skills.


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