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Netflix softcore nudity Spoof

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Seen on: 06/26/2013

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The Breastford Wives (2007)

Directed by Jim Wynorski

Science Fiction | Comedy | Romance

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Young married couple Rob and Laura move to the peaceful, friendly town of Breastford and right away are made to feel at home by the welcoming members of the Breastford Womens Association. They soon realize that something is amiss, and they discover the reason: Doc Brady, the town’s mayor, has invented a device that, at the push of a button, turns women into insatiable, sex-crazed robots.

Rated R | Length 79 minutes


Monique Parent | Glori-Anne Gilbert | Frankie Cullen | Barbie Bennett | Friday | Sara Maglaughlin | Monica Sweetheart | Taylor Wayne | Frank Harper

Viewing Notes

Easily my least favorite Wynorski. Just not a fan of his sex comedy softcore spoof flicks.


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