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TCM native american indians

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Seen on: 03/15/2011

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Allegheny Uprising (1939)

Directed by William A. Seiter

Western | History | Adventure

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South western Pennsylvania area of colonial America, 1760s. Colonial distaste and disapproval of the British government is starting to surface. Many local colonists have been killed by American Indians who are armed with rifles supplied by white traders.

Rated NR | Length 81 minutes


Ian Wolfe | Noble Johnson | George Sanders | John Wayne | Eddie Quillan | Douglas Spencer | Chill Wills | Claire Trevor | Moroni Olsen | Charles Middleton | Leyland Hodgson | Stanley Blystone | Olaf Hytten | Earl Askam | Bud Osborne | Brian Donlevy | Robert McKenzie | Robert Barrat | Horace B. Carpenter | John F. Hamilton | Clive Morgan | Wilfrid Lawson | Eddy Waller | Jack O'Shea | Wallis Clark | Monte Montague | Tom London | Lew Harvey | Clay Clement | Ethan Laidlaw | Jesse Graves | Forrest Dillon | Jess Cavin | Tom Coleman | Carl Knowles

Viewing Notes

Cleared Allegheny Uprising (1939) off the DVR, another TCM film. Watched nearly all the way through for a second time only because I wasn’t entirely certain what the hell was going on. John Wayne is an American Indian in disguise only to thwart the government’s trading rules but… what, whatever.


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