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Seen on: 03/25/2011

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Cyrus: Mind of a Serial Killer (2010)

Directed by Mark Vadik

Horror | Crime | Mystery

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A small independent news crew investigates a series of unexplained disappearances in a small Midwestern county. They find themselves interviewing a man who possesses an all too intimate knowledge of the details of “The County Line Cannibal” - Cyrus.

Length 87 minutes


Tiffany Shepis | Danielle Harris | Brian Krause | Lance Henriksen | Kim Rhodes | Doug Jones | Anne Leighton | Shawna Waldron | Jill Sandmire | Rae Dawn Chong | Patricia Belcher

Viewing Notes

Yay! Today marks the start of HorrorHound Weekend in Indianapolis! After the long drive down with @scottfinn and the long line at registration I hit the only screening I could still make, Cyrus: Mind of a Serial Killer (2010).

This features Danielle Harris (!) as a reporter interviewing Lance Henriksen (!!) about a serial killer. You’d think right there would make this an awesome film. You’d be mistaken. The entire flashback sequence is terrible. I give it a bump because of Harris/Henriksen. Wish the entire film was just those two.


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