The Black Room (1935)

Directed by Roy William Neill

Horror | Crime

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In a 16th-century European town, the ruling family has been given a prophecy that, should there ever be twin boys born, the younger will murder the older; so is dismayed when twins are born to the popular baron.  The older grows to be a selfish, slovenly man, who inherits the castle at his father’s death and becomes ruler over the formerly happy villagers.  He enjoys his power until he learns his younger brother is returning from abroad and, afraid of the prophecy, he determines to murder his sibling, hide his body in the “black room” - an old torture chamber sealed away behind the fireplace - and then impersonate him, right down to his withered arm.  In this way he hopes to not only avoid the prophecy, but also escape consequences of his other criminal deeds and obtain marriage to a local girl of the nobility…

Length 70 minutes


Boris Karloff | Torben Meyer | Thurston Hall | Henry Kolker | Katherine DeMille | Marian Marsh | Robert 'Tex' Allen | John Buckler | Colin Tapley | John George

Viewing Notes

The third film at Box of Horrors 2013 and another surprise. One of my favorite aspects about these horror marathons at the Music Box are the vintage films they choose. This one features Boris Karloff as twins, one good and one bad. He balances the demeanor of both so well. Seriously excellent performance by him. Also love the hero dog! Really love this movie and the comedy beats (his pear eating scene is hilarious). Definitely one of my favorites of the event.


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