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Seen on: 05/11/2011

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The Abomination (1986)

Directed by Bret McCormick

Horror | Supernatural

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A mother obsessed with mind-altering televangelism consequently vomits a pulsating growth that slithers down the throat of her son during the night. Upon spewing the parasite, the son is driven by an uncontrollable force to murder and feed corpses to the now-multiple-toothed monsters manifesting throughout the house. This gory, shot-on-Super-8 regional rarity is a micro-budget salute to H.G. Lewis and H.P. Lovecraft. — Evan Husney, Drafthouse Films

Length 100 minutes


Bubba Moore | Van Connery | Gaye Bottoms | Victoria Chaney | Rex Morton | Suzy Meyer | Brad McCormick | Blue Thompson | Jude Johnson | Scott Davis

Viewing Notes

Tonight’s Horror Movie Night selection was The Abomination (1986). Some might say that title is appropriate but holy shit is there a lot to love in this low budget, wacky gore fest. It’s really just something that should be seen rather than explained.


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