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Seen on: 09/15/2014

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Alien Factor 2: The Alien Rampage (2001)

Directed by Don Dohler

Horror | Science Fiction

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A small town is sealed in a electric forcefield by a blood thirsty rampaging killer cyborg alien and it’s up to some towns folk and the sheriff’s dept to stop it!

Length 75 minutes


Steven King | Shannon Bucci | Jaime Kalman | Patrick Bussink | Jonas Grey | Richard Ruxton | Anne Frith | Joe Ripple | Donna Sherman | George Stover

Viewing Notes

Wanted to watch another Dohler flick after seeing that documentary, Blood, Boobs & Beast. Didn’t realize this was made in 2001, which is like 20+ years since the first movie. No wonder it doesn’t feel anything like that original film, which I like much more. Esp. that alien that gave me nightmares long before I knew what it was.


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