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Seen on: 03/13/2015

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The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T. (1953)

Directed by Roy Rowland

Science Fiction | Family | Fantasy

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Young Bart Collins lives with his widowed mother Heloise. The major blight on Bart’s existence is the hated piano lessons he is forced to endure under the tutelage of the autocratic Dr. Terwilliker. Bart feels that his mother has fallen under Terwilliker’s sinister influence, and gripes to visiting plumber August Zabladowski, without much result. While grimly hammering away at his lessons, Bart dozes off and enters a fantastical musical dream.

Rated G | Length 89 minutes


Hans Conried | Tommy Rettig | Henry Kulky | Peter Lind Hayes | Mary Healy | Tony Butala | Noel Cravat | Robert Heasley | Jack Heasley | Alan Aric

Viewing Notes

Not a particularly great movie but very interesting curio film with fantastical set pieces and stage design. They did the best they could to bring the imagination Dr. Seuss to a live action movie. Not bad. Weird story but definitely an entertaining watch.


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