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Rating: 6.5 stars


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Seen on: 05/23/2015

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The Chronicles of Evil (2015)

Directed by Baek Woon-Hak

Crime | Mystery

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Detective Squad Chief Choi is set for a promotion. He has a party with his co-workers to celebrate, but, on the way home, a crime occurs and he accidentally commits murder. Because of his promotion, he decides to cover up the crime.  The next morning, TV news reveals a body is hanging from a crane at a construction site. Choi is shocked because the body hanging is the person he killed last night. He takes charge of the murder investigation.

Length 102 minutes


Son Hyun-joo | Ma Dong-seok | Daniel Choi | Park Seo-joon | Bae Jin-woong | Lee Sang-won | Um Zi-sung | Jung Da-won

Viewing Notes

Doesn’t cover new ground but still offers a decent murder mystery that kept me engaged. Solid performances as well. Wasn’t crazy about how it ties everything up by the end but a good watch getting there.


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