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Netflix murder mystery Kung fu martial arts Hong Kong

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Breakout From Oppression (1985)

Directed by Yang Chia-Yun

Eastern | Action | Mystery

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A young woman is released from prison, after serving an eight-year sentence for murder, and wishes to start her life over. Getting a job at a newspaper through a friend, she tries to settle in despite the pressures of being an ex-convict. When bizarre incidents begin to occur both at work and at home, the woman suspects that someone has a vendetta against her. NOTE: This is the 1985 IFD (Godfrey Ho & company) re-edit (with English dubbing) of Karen Yang Taiwanese thriller, Exposed to Danger.

Length 87 minutes


Alan Tam | Lu Hsiao-Fen | Wa Lun | Chang Fu-Mei | Lin Tsai-pei

Viewing Notes

Gordon Liu encounters a woman, the only survivor of a brutal mass murder. So he seeks to find those responsible.

Data in IMDb is incorrect and is actually referencing another movie: Exposed to Danger (1984), which I believe the title that includes all the actors they list. Not exactly sure how this happened but I know that the reviews listed for Breakout from Oppression at IMDb reference the Mill Creek set that lists the incorrect title for the actual film on the set.

Not sure how to correct right now.

This is the other movie:


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