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Seen on: 09/05/2015

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The Narrow Margin (1952)

Directed by Richard Fleischer

Film Noir | Crime

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A tough cop meets his match when he has to guard a gangster’s widow on a tense train ride.

Length 71 minutes


Marie Windsor | Peter Brocco | Charles McGraw | Don Beddoe | George Chandler | Queenie Leonard | Don Haggerty | David Clarke | Peter Virgo | Harry Harvey | Gordon Gebert | Jacqueline White | Paul Maxey | Milton Kibbee | Walter Merrill | Bess Flowers | Harold Miller | Franklyn Farnum

Viewing Notes

My second film for my mini Noir City Saturday. It’s been a couple of decades since I’ve seen the “remake” but it’s crazy how lo-fi this movie is compared to that one, which I appreciate. Marie Windsor is always so great. I started the commentary with William Friedkin however it’s disappointing that he’s reading it as opposed to free form. Still interesting.


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