666 (Beware the End Is at Hand) (2007)

Directed by Ugo Ugbor


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Lucifer sends his trusty minions out into the world to lead the good folk of Nigeria unto temptation in order to lock them into his cage. The good pastor Lazarus who has noticed the signs, realizing that hell is about to be unleashed on Earth, sets about righting wrongs through the power of prayer.

Length 67 minutes


Sandra Phillips | Kenneth Okonkwo | Ify Okeke | Clem Ohameze | Musa Ibrahim | Kenneth Chukwu | Fred Ariko | Bobmanuel Anosike | Emeka Ani

Viewing Notes

Unreal movie 4 - a total WTF movie from Nigeria. Completely crazy and hilarious. Lucifer and his minions are the best. The possessed child is the best. Definitely a movie more fun to view with a crowd.


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