Dinner at Eight (1933)

Directed by George Cukor

Comedy | Melodrama


An ambitious New York socialite plans an extravagant dinner party as her businessman husband, Oliver, contends with financial woes, causing a lot of tension between the couple. Meanwhile, their high-society friends and associates, including the gruff Dan Packard and his sultry spouse, Kitty, contend with their own entanglements, leading to revelations at the much-anticipated dinner.

Rated PG | Length 111 minutes


Edwin Maxwell | Hilda Vaughn | Elizabeth Patterson | Phoebe Foster | Grant Mitchell | May Robson | Phillips Holmes | Louise Closser Hale | Karen Morley | Jean Hersholt | Madge Evans | Billie Burke | Edmund Lowe | Lee Tracy | Lionel Barrymore | Jean Harlow | Wallace Beery | John Barrymore | Marie Dressler

Viewing Notes

Super fun melodrama with a bunch of awful characters deceiving each other. Great to see on the big screen in 35mm with a crowd (i.e. way older than me) that appreciates these old classics. For a comedy it gets rather dark towards the end and yet it’s still dinner time.


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