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siskel film center 35mm Japan

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Seen on: 01/23/2016

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Clandestine Zero Line (1960)

Directed by Seijun Suzuki



Katiri is a reporter so ambitiously amoral that he’ll sell out anyone—including his partner and the drug dealer he’s sleeping with—to get a scoop. But what happens when an even more ruthless female gang boss kidnaps his sister? With its jazzy musical score and sordid milieu of drug smuggling and human trafficking, Smashing the O-Line is one of Suzuki’s darkest urban tales.

Length 83 minutes


Kaku Takashina | Ryôhei Uchida | Shôichi Ozawa | Emiko Azuma | Sanae Nakahara | Tomo'o Nagai | Yûji Odaka | Mayumi Shimizu | Hiroyuki Nagato

Viewing Notes

One I am not at all familiar with so very excited to see during this series at Siskel Film Center.


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