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Seen on: 05/23/2016

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All Night Long 3: The Final Chapter (1996)

Directed by Katsuya Matsumura

Horror | Crime

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The third and final chapter in the disturbing All Night Long series tells the tale of a teenager who becomes obsessed with his attractive neighbor a fellow student. His infatuation grows more and more disturbing as he begins going through her garbage eating her discarded food and eventually begins doing things in direct violation with the law.

Length 76 minutes


Tomorowo Taguchi | Ryoka Yuzuki | Meika Seri | Yuujin Kitagawa | MitsuzĂ´ Ishii | Herachonpe

Viewing Notes

I’m so dumb for not paying attention to my Netflix queue. I’ve this dvd for so long but had no desire to watch. This trilogy is awful.


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