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Seen on: 05/30/2016

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Alice Through the Looking Glass (2016)

Directed by James Bobin

Fantasy | Adventure | Family

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Alice Kingsleigh returns to Underland and faces a new adventure in saving the Mad Hatter.

Rated PG | Length 113 minutes


Johnny Depp | Helena Bonham Carter | Anne Hathaway | Michael Sheen | Alan Rickman | Sacha Baron Cohen | Meera Syal | Rhys Ifans | Timothy Spall | Stephen Fry | Geraldine James | Bill Thomas | Wally Wingert | Ed Speleers | Matt Lucas | Leo Bill | Lindsay Duncan | Richard Armitage | Paul Whitehouse | Barbara Windsor | Frances de la Tour | Hattie Morahan | Mia Wasikowska | Melissa Collier | Neil Edmond | Andrew Scott | Matt Vogel | Joanna Bobin | Mike Simmrin | Alexander Bracq | Richard Syms | Dale Mercer | Kyle Hebert | Adam Burton | Siobhan Redmond | Matt Hookings | Steve Fortune | Edward Petherbridge | Isaac Andrews | Simone Kirby | Daniel Westwood | Leilah de Meza | Daniel Hoffmann-Gill | Joe Hurst | Stephanie Elstob | Amelia Crouch | Steve Saunders | Jamie Baughan | Tom Godwin | Frederick Warder | Paul Hunter | Louis Ashbourne Serkis | Oliver Hawkes | Eve Hedderwick Turner | Matt Wilman | Siobhan McSweeney | Owain Rhys Davies | Carol Been | Ross Carpenter | Heather Craig | Janine Craig | Leigh Daniels | Jules Davison | Matt Dempsey | Nikki Dunsford | Jane Fowler | Adam Galbraith | Chris Grierson | William Mowat | Cris Penfold | Kraig Thornber | Carl Walker | Claire Winsper | Ross Green | Bomber Hurley-Smith | Martyn Mayger

Viewing Notes

Given all the effort and work on display here it’s rather sad this turned out to be so dry and dull. I did not like the previous film so I didn’t have high expectations for this movie but even that didn’t make me appreciate it any more. I give the CG / FX a ratings bump as well as Sacha Baron Cohen’s turn as Time. He was really the only interesting character and the emotional center of the movie.

Schofizzy mentioned that the best thing here is the message for girls and young women that they can be whatever they want and accomplish the impossible.

I like Mia Wasikowska but there’s nothing here to stretch her abilities. She glides through the green screen delivering her lines with purpose. I like the subplot with Anne Hathaway and Helena Bonham Carter, both good but not enough the lift the dreariness around the main plot with Mad Hatter / Depp. That’s probably the big downfall here; having the story evolve around that character, a character we don’t care about. Oddly he’s not in the movie that much which is a good thing.

I rather watch more of Time’s castle and his robot friends. Red Queen’s lair is also pretty cool. I kept thinking how this would make a better platform video game than a movie. Every segment works like an ideal level to achieve.


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