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Seen on: 09/20/2016

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Cock and Bull (2016)

Directed by Cao Baoping

Crime | Comedy | Thriller

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When a murder occurs in a small town in Southeast China, a local mechanic, known for his honesty, comes under suspicion.  When the police target him to take the fall, he’s forced to try and exonerate himself, uncovering a number of disturbing facts, most much bigger than the initial crime.

Rated NR | Length 110 minutes


Liu Ye | Zhang Yi | Wang Ziwen | Duan Bowen | Sun Lei

Viewing Notes

Unconventional narrative that intertwines the alternating stories of three men surrounding a murder mystery and how they link together. Was challenging to adjust to this during the first hour as I wasn’t entirely sure what the hell was going on. Once I settled into the unusual narrative things improved and the final third is great. Would be a good one to revisit now that I know how it plays out and can the pieces together.


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