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Hong Kong ff2016 Fantastic Fest Kung fu martial arts

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Seen on: 09/27/2016

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Call of Heroes (2016)

Directed by Benny Chan

Action | Eastern

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During the warlords era in China, a village located in rural area called Pucheng fell into dangerous situation when its government allocated all its military force to the front line, the cruel commandant Cao from the enemy troops arrived the village and killed the innocent, the guardians of Pucheng were desperate to fight against Cao for justice and to protect their homeland.

Length 120 minutes


Sammo Hung Kam-Bo | Wu Jing | Louis Koo | Xing Yu | Liu Kai-Chi | Eddie Peng | Philip Keung | Lau Ching-Wan | Berg Ng Ting-Yip | Yuan Quan | Maggie Jiang

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FF2016 Day 6 - Film 5


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