We Are X (2016)

Directed by Stephen Kijak

Documentary | Music

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As glam rock’s most flamboyant survivors, X Japan ignited a musical revolution in Japan during the late ‘80s with their melodic metal. Twenty years after their tragic dissolution, X Japan’s leader, Yoshiki, battles with physical and spiritual demons alongside prejudices of the West to bring their music to the world.

Length 92 minutes


Stan Lee | Gene Simmons | Richard Fortus | Wes Borland | YOSHIKI | Hiroshi Morie | PATA | hide | Toshi | Heath | Sugizo | Taiji

Viewing Notes

One of best movies of the year. Will definitely make my top ten list. So many emotions and tears. I’ve never been a big X Japan fan but this documentary has made me want to dig back into their catalog. It’s weird too because I haven’t really followed them that this felt like I’ve known them all these years. Maybe because of their influence on much of the music, Visual Kei in particular, that I do listen to really struck me. This story, however, transcends the actual music that makes it a powerful tale of success and the heartbreak that comes with it.

As incredibly famous as Yoshiki has become as well as created one the biggest bands in the world, the pain he’s experienced, physically, emotionally, and professionally, is palpable. This is a movie that I want everyone to watch.


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