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Twin Peaks (1990)

Directed by David Lynch



Before Twin Peaks was sold to ABC as a series, Lynch and Frost raised money to finance the production of the pilot episode by signing a contract with Warner Home Video.  The contract gave Warner Home Video the rights to sell the pilot episode as a movie on video in Europe (not knowing whether the pilot would result in a series, Warner wanted to ensure they could make their money back.) In order to sell it as a movie, the contract stipulated that the pilot must stand on its own and have a “closed ending” where the murder of Laura Palmer was resolved.

Length 113 minutes


Peggy Lipton | Warren Frost | Sherilyn Fenn | Lara Flynn Boyle | Richard Beymer | Dana Ashbrook | M├Ądchen Amick | Michael Ontkean | Kyle MacLachlan

Viewing Notes

Watching the pilot for the first time.


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