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Rating: 6 stars


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Seen on: 04/16/2017

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Timber Falls (2007)

Directed by Tony Giglio

Horror | Thriller


A weekend of camping in the mountains becomes an excursion into hell for a young couple, who become pawns in a grotesque plot hatched by deranged locals.

Length 97 minutes


Brianna Brown | Debbie Jaffe | Suzanna Urszuly | Branden R. Morgan | Ryan McGee | Carl Bressler | Ryan Wiik | T.W. Leshner | Sascha Rosemann | Beth Broderick | Nick Searcy | Josh Randall

Viewing Notes

Not sure how this ended up in my queue but here it is. Thought maybe it was an After Dark flick but no. Also a little long for an AD flick. Basically lifts from 80s backpacking exploitation like Just Before Dawn and The Final Terror mixed with religious wackos. Not terrible but nothing that hasn’t already been done.


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