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Monster Hunter (1981)

Directed by Joe D'Amato



A man has been driven insane by church-sanctioned scientific experimentation which also causes him to be nearly impossible to kill. He is pursued to America by a priest where he embarks upon a killing spree while the priest tries to hunt him down and kill him.

Rated R | Length 96 minutes


Mark Shannon | Lucia Ramirez | Michele Soavi | Goffredo Unger | Ted Rusoff | Cindy Leadbetter | Hanja Kochansky | Ian Danby | Katya Berger | Charles Borromel | Edmund Purdom | Annie Belle | George Eastman

Viewing Notes

Finally cracking into my 88 Films rewards. Not a great movie by any stretch but certainly watchable with a few gruesome gore shots. I like how Alan describes this as D’Amato’s HALLOWEEN. In theory sure but there is no mystery to what D’Amato’s monster is doing here.


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