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Seen on: 05/14/2017

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Dead Awake (2017)

Directed by Phillip Guzman

Horror | Supernatural


Kate Bowman (Jocelin Donahue) is an average social worker who is investigating in the mysterious deaths of people who died in their sleep. Shortly before their deaths, the victims all reported a supernatural force that appeared to them while they were suffering from sleep-paralysis. When Kate investigates further into the case, she opens herself up to the creature’s wrath, and soon finds herself, and her family suffering from an ancient evil.

Length 99 minutes


Chelsea Morgensen | Richard Lukens | Jeffrey Reddick | Amber Saxon | Liz Mikel | Derek Lee Nixon | Natalie Jones | Mona Lee Fultz | Billy Blair | James Eckhouse | Jesse Borrego | Jocelin Donahue | Brea Grant | Lori Petty | Jesse Bradford

Viewing Notes

Cool indie flick that would be right at home at Groovy Fest or Stanley. It has that “feel” to it. I probably would’ve have given this a higher score if the ending would have came together better. I love Jocelin Donahue so, so much and she’s truly in her element as a scream queen here. Just wish the story was a bit tighter towards the end… basically dumb character choices to keep the plot moving. But I totally recommend for a VOD / eventually streaming watch.


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