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Seen on: 05/17/2017

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Cybernator (1991)

Directed by Robert Rundle

Science Fiction | Crime


In the future, an L.A. cop whose girlfriend is a stripper uncovers a conspiracy concerning killer cyborgs.

Rated R | Length 86 minutes


Lisa Star | Elizabeth Young | Gary Kramer | Cynthia Boos | Jimmy Williams | Chad Taylor | Jay Harris | Edward Sanchez | Michael M. Foley | Sandy Palm | Stephanie Warner | Jeff Jenkins | William Smith | Jack Senior | Christina Lucia Peralta-Ramos | Lonnie Schuyler

Viewing Notes

These Troma produced (distributed?) DTV flicks really were the precursor to The Asylum w/o the tongue in cheek wink wink production nonsense. Love seeing William Smith show up but also sad that this is where he ended up.


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